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QtRadio Client for Windows

Window users may be interested to know about some recent software developments in the Ham SDR Linux world. Now Windows can listen to Linux SDR servers (dspservers).

QT5 Build now available for Windows Users!

  • latest master build for QtRadio on Windows is available at: http://napan.com/ve9gj/qtradio.zip It is built with Qt 5.3 on April 26 2015. Unzip the file and run the QtRadio.exe in the QtRadio folder.

Below is a list of older builds

Unzip to any folder and run the qtradio.exe file. It does not need an actual install just the included dll files in the same folder. I have built a new Windows QtRadio from the latest master branch at github.com/alexlee188/ghpsdr3-alex. Sources are included in the download and are in the win32 branch at the git same git repo. It includes the Quick Connect dialog window. This new addition will list all the current online dspservers. Look under the Receiver menu to get started.

Troubleshooting the Windows version.

  • If windows is giving you the very helpful error :) QtRadio has encountered a problem and needs to close try deleting the registry key for QtRadio. The key can be found at: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\G0ORX] Use regedit to delete it.

Notes about the Windows version.

  • Full RXTX has been accomplished but is still very much a work in progress.
  • QtRadio is the only part of the project that is running on Windows at present. The servers components are only running on Linux.
  • A lot of the current development chatter about the project can be followed in the http://groups.google.com/group/sdr-widget group. A widget is not required to set up a server but they sure work nice! :)
  • Hopefully we can get some more dspservers running. Linux is necessary and there are pre-built binaries available for recent versions of Ubuntu.
  • A README is available at: https://github.com/alexlee188/ghpsdr3-alex/blob/master/README
  • A crude diagram of the components below. Between the dspserver and Antenna many options are available, softrocks, hpsdr, Ettus USRP and Perseus. QtRadio <->Internet<->dspserver<->softrock application<->soundcard<->softrock hardware->Antenna
  • At this time the only application working in Windows is the QtRadio client which can connect to any dspserver. Download the zip file which contains all the needed dlls and qtradio.exe. Extract the qtradio folder to your windows drive and double click qtradio.exe to run.
  • The source for building with QtCreator is included in the src directory of the download.
  • Some users have found that QtRadio won't start at all or crashes shortly after startup. This may be caused by suspect settings in the Windows registry. You can safely delete the key "HKey_CURRENT_USER->Software->G0ORX" with regedit and then try QtRadio again. This will cause QtRadio to start with default settings.