August 8 - 11 2019

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Youth Events

For more information on Youth Events, contact Kelly Mullen at (506) 773-8887 or (506) 210-2323 or

A waiver for all events that involve animals must be signed by a parent or guardian prior to the event for each participant. Without a signed waiver, the participant will not be able to participate in the event which may result in the disqualification of the whole team in the team events.

Limited Openings - Register Early!!

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Wild & Woolly

This event runs on a daily basis.

Registration Rules:

A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 participants are allowed per age category per heat.

Age Categories are as follows:

  • 5 - 7 years old

  • 8 - 10 years old


  • Helmets and closed toe shoes (no Crocks) are a MUST for this event for the safety of the participant.

  • Parents or guardians must sign a waiver prior to the event or the participant will not be allowed in the show ring.

  • Pre-registration will be done one hour prior to the event each day.

  • If the participant has already participated in an event the prior day, they will be put on a stand by list and only be allowed to participate again if there are openings available before entering the show ring.

  • This practice of registration has proven to be the most effective way to allow more children the opportunity to participate in this well known, fun activity.

  • If the registered participant is not at the start line at the beginning of the heat, a standby participant will be allowed to fill that position.

    Event Rules:

    1. All participants for the age categories will line up at one end of the show ring.

    2. On "GO", the participants will run to the other end of the show ring.

    3. The participant will have to catch a goat (5-7 yrs) or a sheep (8-10 yrs).

    4. The participant will bring the animal back to the finish line.

    5. Both the participant and the animal have to be over the finish line to qualify for their placing.

    6. All participants are winners.

    7. Safety for the participants AND the animals is our number 1 priority.

    8. The participant will let go of the lead rope if:

      1. they become tangled up in the rope

      2. the animal becomes tangled up in the rope

      3. if another participant gets tangled up in their rope

    9. If the animal lays down, the participant will not

      1. Kick the animal up

      2. Drag the animal along the ground.

    10. If any of these safety conditions are not followed, or if the participant shows unsportsmanlike behaviour, they will be disqualified and asked to leave the show ring.


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