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RTL-SDR is cheap and simple DVB and/or DAB receiver USB sticks that can be used as a SDR and can cover VHF and UHF frequencies. More information on this can be found at OsmoCom RTL-SDR and RTL-SDR community at Reddit . Andrea IW0HDV has written a server for rtl-sdr to be used with Ghpsdr3-alex.

The steps needed to get it running is as follows:

1. Install rtlsdr library. Follow directions at: OsmoCom RTL-SDR . Do not forget to run

sudo ldconfig

after it is installed.

2. Checkout iw0hdv branch :

git checkout iw0hdv

Then rebuild ghpsdr3-alex with instructions at QtRadio_Installation.

3. If everything has installed ok you might try to insert your USB stick and start the rtlsdr-server. Cd to ghpsdr3-alex/trunk/src/rtlsdr and run:

sudo ./rtlsdr-server -d3 -s250000

4. Then start the dspserver:

dspserver --lo 0

5. If you want to try to listen to FM Broadcast stations there is no real WFM but NFM in QtRadio has a 80kHz wide filter that work quite ok.

Remember this is very experimental. Questions should go to the sdr-widget group.