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Goal is a complete easy to configure suite of ghpsdr3-alex application on a bootable USB Flash drive


Very basic Instructions. I will add details as time allows.

You will need about 5GB of free space on your PC. You can delete the files and reclaim this space when you are finished.
You will need a 4GB or larger USB flashdrive or stick.

Step 1
Download the zipped Image file from Sourceforge. The download is ~ 640MB. Download:

Step 2
Unzip the image file sdr_lubuntu.img (3.8GB)

Step 3
Follow the instruction on this fine page for your OS substituting sdr_lubuntu.img for the ubuntu .img file. Skip the part about MD5.

Step 4
You should now have a bootable USB Flashdrive. Plug into your booting candidate and boot from USB.

Step 5
Play with your new Linux Lubuntu OS. Remeber it does have a SLOW USB drive for a disk so don't expect too much for speed. Once an app loads however it should perform FB.
Your user name is sdr and the password is sdr
Wired Ethernet should just work. WiFi can be configure from the little Network Manager applet located in the lower right
Plug in your sound card and hook up your softrock.

Icons will be on the desktop.

  • double click dspserver.conf, update your info save and close.
  • double click softrock-config, answer questions and next, next .... Try jack if you are new to ghpsdr.
  • double click softrock_start
  • doubleclick dspserver_start

If all is well you should be able to connect to your Ghpsdr3-usb-boot PC with QtRadio! To find out Ghpsdr3-usb-boot IP double click LxTerminal and enter ifconfig at the prompt. In amongst the output you should find the IP

Ghpsdr3-usb-boot has the features below

  • softrock, dspserver and QtRadio ghpsdr3-rxtx-event from PPA
  • Jack installed
  • Pulse installed
  • installed
  • A dialog script to help you create softrock and dspserver startup scripts
  • ssh server
  • x11vnc server
  • samba server