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What's New and latest news

The ghpsdr3-alex Project

This is a modification of the excellent Software Defined Radio (SDR) software by John Melton [G0ORX/N6LYT][1]

The original software by John is called ghpsdr3. We are working towards merging the two projects (ghpsdr3 and ghpsdr3-alex) source trees to a single source. However BEFORE that happens, you CANNOT mix and match programs from the two projects. See note for HPSDR hardware users below.

Project README [2]

Source Code is via git at [3]

Discussions take place in the sdr-widget group [4]

You can browse the list of online dspservers at[5]

You can view the map of online dspservers worldwide at[6]

Currently it supports HPSDR, Softrock, UHFSDR, Microtelecom Perseus, SDR-iq, HiQSDR, Ettus Research USRP and rtl-sdr DVB-T dongles.

What is the actual ghpsdr3-alex Project software?

The software comprises 3 different components:

A) server - there is a CLI based server for each type of hardware. For example, there are hpsdr-server, usrp-server, softrock (server), sdriq-server, HiQSDR etc. Some servers are based on soundcard/USB connections to the hardware. Some are connected via ethernet (eg HPSDR Metis).

B) dspserver - this is the software in the middle that processes the IQ data from the server (connected over LAN via UDP) using DttSP. The same dspserver can connect to any of the servers in A.

C) clients - this is the GUI user interface. There are clients built with Qt and runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. There is a working Android client that works on Android phones and Android tablets. The clients connect to dspserver via LAN or remotely via Internet. In future we will have java based web clients as well (either specifically written clients, or running Qt inside a web browser) Also, multiple clients can concurrently access the same dspserver. There is also RxTx capability (currently for voice modes). the QtRadio client has a Hamlib interface and can connect to gPredict, xLog, and fldigi (for digital mode). See Configuration Data for QtRadio Hamlib Clients.


Project Goals

1. Open source (GPL) SDR software

2. Client-server network-enabled by design from the ground up

3. Customized server for each SDR hardware type. Currently supporting HPSDR, Softrock, UHFSDR, Microtelecom Perseus, RFSPACE SDR-IQ, HiQSDR, Ettus Research USRP, and the rtl-sdr DVB-T dongle.

4. Single dspserver that connects to single server. However, each server can have multiple Rx and Tx channels.

5. Multiple clients, such as QtRadio, that can concurrently connect to a single dspserver.

6. Full Rx and Tx capability for hardware capable of Tx

Note for client-server network setup A few notes on client network setup are found at[7]

Note for HPSDR and ghpsdr3 (original) users: In general, you cannot mix and match software from the two projects, ghpsdr3 and ghpsdr3-alex. However, John has updated the programs in the ghpsdr3-alex repository, and the hpsdr-server program in gphsdr3-alex works for HPSDR hardware. The following newbie guide is written by Erich Heinzle (vk5hse at