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Various QtRadio Recordings

Glenn's Windows QtRadio on an XP Virtual Machine:

Glenn demonstrating 3 connections to Kevin's server where the slaves follow master's tuning:

Sid's Beagleboard XM and QtRadio on - 8000 1 aLaw:

Alex testing TX on the rxtx-event branch:

Alex listening in on 15M in VE9 from Singapore:

Alex listening in on 10M, kb0omm from Singapore:

Oliver's TX Signal received on 10 Meter by a Softrock RXTX:

Oliver - QtRadio Zapping on a new Server:

Android Client:

Alex - Tx spectrum displayed:

Oliver with UHFSDR TXing at 2-Meter:

Oliver rcv with UHFSDR on 70cm:

Oliver rcv with UHFSDR HO-68 Satellite in CW (95mW):

Alberto IZ0CEZ with USRP:

Frank DG1SBG running QtRadio on OSX

Rob, KL7NA's TX audio as recorded by Rit, N4BNM.

Alex connecting to kb3omm's rtl-sdr DVB-T stick:


DL6KBG, aLaw TX Test opengl-qt5 to opengl-qt5 (mobo to uhfsdr):

Alex connecting to Sid's HiQSDR to demonstrate wide bandwidth (960ksps) server, zoom, and Pre-selector features.

Audio Recordings

First QSO DL6KBG <> 9A208DX 20 Meter 5 Watts (QtRadio opengl-qt5):

Various QtRadio Screenshots


How to make videos in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu videos are easily recorded with recordmydesktop.

sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop

Change to a terminal window and type:

~$ recordmydesktop

In pavucontrol select the wanted audio source.

Before you upload the recorded ogg video file to Youtube, it has to be converted:

sudo apt-get install mencoder
mencoder foo.ogv -o foo.avi -oac mp3lame -lameopts fast:preset=standard -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=4000 

How to take screenshots in Ubuntu

Taking Screenshots in Ubuntu