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My call sign is VE3FMQ and I have been licensed since 1970. My QTH is in East York Ontario, which is a suburb of Toronto. I am a member of the Central Toronto Amateur Radio Club and I am in charge of teaching the Basic Amateur License course for the club. You can view a photo of my HF station on, which is based around a Yaesu FT-897. My main interest in HF is PSK-32, which I have been using since it was first introduced. I also have a strong interest in DMR radio and own a Tytera MD-380. I use both DMR and analog FM repeaters. I also have a growing interest in the integration of the Internet into amateur radio, and use HamSphere and EchoLink. I believe that this aspect of the hobby needs to be expanded as it will expand the number of people able to enjoy the hobby, particularly those who live in apartments, condominiums, and communities where there are restrictions on antennas. Likewise the reality of the ham radio community is that it is an ageing community and computer/internet based radio is an excellent way for people who are entering into retirement communities and nursing homes to remain active in their hobby. Likewise the use of computer/internet amateur radio can also allow people with special needs, those who are financially challenged and other special cases to be able to afford an entry point into the hobby. So rather than being afraid of changes in technology, the amateur radio community should embrace it and see it as simply a continuation of the many other advances we have seen. (Saying that, I can remember some hams being unhappy with the increasing popularity of SSB as they continued to keep their AM transmitters operating, so there are always people who will year for "the good old days.") When I am not practicing ham radio I am a technical writer who produces user guides and other documentation for software companies on a contract basis. I also write a weekly newspaper column for my community newspaper, The East York Mirror (now in my 18th year) and enjoy riding my bicycle and kayaking. I QSL 100% and enjoy sharing my 46 years of technical knowledge helping new hams get started in the hobby. Life gives back many good things to those who give to others.