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New AHPSDR icons 12/27/11... [1]

Im a general Class Radio operator, From Berkeley California. Im a student industrial designer. The effort to design GHPSDR3 software from the ground up has been Great!!! Now lets work on effectively designing the Hardware, that will allow large windows or select portions of spectrum to be sampled, processed and routed with the help of the GHPSDR3 servers.

In an effort to advance SDR tech, I would like to interface the USB2SDR with the GHPSDR3, this means writing new drivers that will allow the GHPSDR3 to communicate with AD converters as a linux audio device and to control Softrock style boards or future boards via an i2c interface.

My wish list for 2012 is as follows...

-The ability to lock on to Multiple signals and output the audio or send the audio to different programs. Only signals that exist within the current scope. Signal mode detection is possible, but a far reach at the moment...

-memory save/recall functions to save events. RX memory's saving:frz, mode,... & rx&tx memory's frz, mode, transmit offset, Power output...

-radio interface for the Hamlib standard that would interface into programs like Gpridect ie (RX mode that can lock onto UHF/VHF/HF capable satilte and given 1 or more Frz & modes it would track the signals outputting the individual signals to individual audio outputs.